February 1, 2023

YouTube TV is one of the best streaming Live TV services out there. And as of late, they’ve been adding a lot more add-ons to the platform. Instead of just adding everything to the base plan. But now, YouTube TV is going to let you add these add-ons without subscribing to the YouTube TV base plan. That means you can subscribe to the NBA League Pass on YouTube TV without paying $65 per month, plus the cost of the NBA League Pass.

The company actually allowed you to do this already with the Spanish add-on. But now you are able to do it with individual channels. So you can do this with HBO MAX, Showtime, NBA League Pass, Epix, STARZ among many others.

With this move, YouTube TV is following some of the competition out there like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Roku, Sling TV and more. Which offer standalone subscriptions on their platforms.

So why would you want to subscribe to these services through YouTube TV? Well for one, it makes it simpler to keep all of your subscriptions in one place. Allowing you to pause, cancel or restart subscriptions with ease. Which is one of the great things about cord-cutting anyways.

The YouTube TV base-plan offers 85 channels

As a YouTube TV subscriber myself, I love the base-plan. With it, you get access to 85 channels, including your local channels. You also get some pretty nifty features like Cloud DVR, which is unlimited. That is a game-changer, and now many competitors are adding it, many, many years after YouTube TV did it though.

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It’s also available on virtually every platform available right now. That includes Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, iOS and much more. It also lets you share it with up to five family members, all without sharing a password and username.