January 31, 2023

The Yahoo Mail app has been around for a long time. Yahoo did decide to freshen it up a bit, and the company also introduced some new Mail app features as well. The company says that this new app “offers an inbox experience designed to save time, money and improve productivity”.

New Yahoo Mail app layout and features will help you save time & money

You can now easily manage digital receipts, gift cards, subscriptions, and package tracking. New organizational features have been added that allow you to filter your inboxes, and even travel itineraries.

Yahoo added a new top-of-inbox navigation that is supposed to simplify the shopping experience. It makes discovering details, managing fit cards, and tracking your purchases much easier.

There is a ‘Gift Card View’, which allows you to track unused gift cards in one place. You won’t have to dig around your emails to find them. The ‘Free Trial Tracker’ has also been added. It will help you manage your trial subscriptions. It will remind you to cancel a subscription right before the trial period is about to expire, so that you don’t get charged extra.

The ‘Receipts View’ is truly useful for managing all your receipts

There is also the ‘Receipts View’, which keeps all your receipts in one place, basically. You’ll be able to quickly check them out. The company also updated Package Tracking Alerts. You’ll get updates at the top of your inbox which will notify you where your package is, and so on.

This is not all, though. There are a ton of other, useful features that will make you way more productive. The company updated Top-of-Inbox navigation. That way you’ll never miss important emails. There are contextual filters up there now.

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Unsubscribe from spam emails in a single click

You can now also unsubscribe from one or many brand promo emails and newsletters with a single tap. There is also a feature that allows you to delete all emails by domain, and a feature that displays all your attachments in one place, with the ability to filter them.

This update also makes emailing yourself a lot easier, because many people apparently still do that. I admit I do, sometimes.

In any case, if you’re interested in getting your hands on a new Yahoo Mail app, you can grab it from the link below.

Yahoo Mail (Google Play Store)