June 10, 2023

Back in February we got our first look at an upcoming PS VR2 title called Synapse, and now it has an official release date for those who are looking forward to playing.

What’s even better is that the release date is probably closer than you think. If you aren’t familiar with Synapse, it’s a first-person shooter for PS VR2 that mixes gunplay with telekinetic powers for the main character to result in some really interesting and exciting-looking combat.

Naturally you’ll be able to grow your powers to make your attacks stronger. And you can expect a varied arsenal of weapons to dispatch enemies too. If you need a quick refresher on what the game looks like, you can check out the announcement trailer in the announcement post.

As for the release, you’ll be able to get your first taste of what the game has to offer on July 4.

nDreams reveals more than just the Synapse release date for PS VR2

As part of the release date reveal during yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, nDreams gave players a look at some new footage of the game. This includes introducing players to the main characters that they’ll be interacting with throughout the majority of their play time.

There’s also a brand-new trailer to check out if the announcement trailer didn’t have enough action for you. Although it does have plenty, the latest trailer is packed with even more carnage and crazy moments. Even crazier though is that a core part of the game is the player entering what seems like the main antagonist’s subconscious to find and retrieve intel on some dangerous new neurosynaptic technology.

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Synapse is surely going to be a wild ride for PS VR2 owners when it arrives in just over a month. If you didn’t catch the showcase, you can watch the entire thing here, and you can view the new Synapse trailer below. You can also keep an eye on the availability to buy the game on the PlayStation Store. Right now it seems you can only wishlist it. But now that the release date was revealed, it shouldn’t be long before the game is purchasable.