February 1, 2023

If you purchased a Ubisoft game on Stadia while the store was still active, you’ll be getting a copy of it on PC, at some point. A new report from The Verge states that Ubisoft will be allowing customers to transfer their games to PC in the future. The confirmation comes from Senior Corporate Communications Manager for Ubisoft Jessica Roache. Noting that the publisher is currently working on a plan to bring these games to PC through Ubisoft Connect.

Roache goes on to say that Ubisoft doesn’t have more to share about the plan at this time. But it will reach back out to consumers at a later date once it does have details it can speak about publicly. This includes customers transferring their games to PC as well as subscribers of the publisher’s Ubisoft+ service.

Ubisoft game transfers from Stadia to PC may not include game saves

While many of Ubisoft’s games are tied to Ubisoft Connect, it’s still unclear what happens to people’s progression. In a perfect world, Ubisoft would be working cross-progression into the plan for the transfer.

And it does offer this feature in some of its games. But not all. And certainly not most of them. With that said, some consumers may find little benefit in a PC copy of a game they purchased if they can’t bring their progress with them. Plenty of Ubisoft’s games require a massive time investment.

A large block of time that surely, many people probably aren’t keen to repeat with a fresh save. Whether progress is carried over or not though, people are still getting refunds from Google. Which could mean those who purchased Ubisoft games through Stadia will end up with a free PC copy in addition to their Stadia refund.

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No doubt some users would rather keep playing on Stadia than be refunded or transfer to PC. But it’s a small token nonetheless. And really, it’s better than getting nothing at all. Here’s to hoping studios like CD Projekt Red will do right by its Stadia players and allow players to transfer platforms as well. With cross-progression support like every other platform.