January 30, 2023

Quite recently, Elon Musk said that Twitter Blue verification will be coming back on November 29. He also added that it will be “rock solid” this time around. Well, it seems like that won’t be happening. The Twitter Blue verification will return later than expected, but it will include some new tricks.

Twitter Blue verification will return later than expected

Elon Musk shared this information himself. He said that they’re “holding off relaunch of Blue Verified”. As a reason, he said that they won’t launch it “until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation”.

On top of that, he hinted at one new trick that is coming. Elon Musk said that Twitter will probably use “different color check for organizations than individuals”. That kind of makes sense.

As a reminder, Elon Musk came up with an idea to allow anyone to get the verification check on Twitter, if they pay an $8 monthly fee for Twitter Blue. That idea backfired really fast, as a ton of impersonators and scammers took advantage of it. So, Twitter pulled the feature soon after.

Brand new accounts won’t be able to get verified

Elon Musk is still sticking with that idea, but Twitter will be making some changes along the way. New accounts won’t be able to get this subscription, it seems. They will allegedly have to wait 90 days in order to do it.

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Other methods of preventing impersonation will be implemented, probably, which is why the relaunch has been postponed. Twitter seems to be attempting to resolve this problem, somehow.

As most of you know, Elon Musk made a lot of changes to Twitter since he took over recently. He also fired quite a few people along the way. Some high-profile accounts were unbanned too, like the one from Donald Trump, the former President of the US.

Many more changes seem to be in the pipeline, but everything seems to be on hold until this Twitter Blue issue is resolved.