January 30, 2023

It’s not often that a company posts a full blog post advertising a new splash screen for their app. YouTube, however, felt it needed to go the extra mile. The YouTube television app just got a new splash screen, and the company is so excited to let you know about it.

This is, of course, the YouTube application for television interfaces. This is not the YouTube TV app. Whenever you open the YouTube app for television, you’ll be greeted with a short animation. This gives you something to look at while the interface is loading.

The new YouTube television splash screen comes with sound

In the extensive blog post, YouTube shows off the animation along with a breakdown of the visuals and audibles. For starters, the animation itself starts with a little progress bar with a play button. The play button then zooms toward the right and transforms into a full YouTube play button icon. The YouTube text then shortly appears.

YouTube spent a bunch of time talking about the sound effect that comes along with the animation. It partnered with audio experts at AntFood, one of the top sonic branding studios.

If you’re into audio, then you might want to check out the blog post. In a nutshell, YouTube aimed to craft a sound that’s human, connected, expressive, and story-driven. Whether or not you agree with that, it’s still an interesting concept.

In other YouTube news: YouTube is adding an affiliate program to shorts

For the longest time, YouTube Shorts creators weren’t really able to monetize their creations. That was until this September when YouTube announced that it was going to share its ad revenue with Shorts creators. Now, building upon that, YouTube is working on an affiliate program for shorts creators.

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With this program, creators will be able to post links to products from different companies. When a person buys that product through the link, the creator will get a commission. This is an additional revenue stream for creators who want to make a career out of making YouTube Sorts.