February 1, 2023

2FA (two-factor authentication) is a highly useful tool to help keep your information safe. It installs a secondary barrier to entry for any attackers wanting to get into your account. Starting in December, Google will require 2FA when using the Google Pay website.

As you can imagine, a website that centers around your financial information definitely needs to be probably secured. You can’t have any person access your Google Pay account. It has information like your purchases, and, more importantly, your payment methods. This is why any sort of extra security is all it’s appreciated.

In December, the Google Pay website will require 2FA

This news comes to us from the Google Pay website itself (via 9To5Google). If you go on the website, you’ll see text above inside of a manila-colored banner. “Beginning December 9, we’re increasing account security by requiring 2 Step Verification to view any payment info. To ensure continued access to your payment info, set up 2 Step Verification if you haven’t already.”

We’re not quite sure when in December Google will crack down on this, but we’re already 10 days into November. If you are an avid Google Pay website user, then you’ll want to start making the necessary preparations now.

In the text, you’ll see highlighted text at the end. If you click on that link, Google will guide you in setting up 2FA.

What is 2FA?

If you’re curious about why 2FA is such a big deal, it’s probably saved a lot of people’s accounts. When you log into an account, you most likely provide a username and password. That’s one factor of authentication.

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2FA requires you to log in with a second credential if you want to access the account. Usually, you will receive a code on your phone via an app. Only your phone will receive this code. If it’s really you, then you will be able to enter that code into the service you’re trying to log into.

This means that if someone gets a hold of your username and password, they will not be able to log into your account because they don’t have that specific code generated for you.