January 31, 2023

We’re nearing the end of the year, and that means that we’re getting ready for more Samsung Galaxy S leaks. Even though they’re months away, we’ve gotten a bunch of leaked information on the Galaxy S23 phones. However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has just passed its first official certification.

We’re running on leaks and rumors on these phones at the moment, but this latest bit of news might be the first bit of official intel. According to SamMobile, next year’s ultra-premium Galaxy phone has been certified through China’s 3C regulation. This is just the first of many certifications that the phone will need to pass before it hits the shelves.

RealMiCentral posted a picture of the application to the Chinese social media site Weibo, and it shows just a little bit of information about this phone. Obviously, it’s not going to show a full spec list of the device. However, it does show us the model number (SM-S918) and the fact that it was tested using a 25W charger.

Other than the certification, there’s not much else we know about the Galaxy S23 Ultra

The tech world isn’t as concerned with the new Galaxy phones just yet. We still have to get past the next Pixel event. However, we’ve been getting bits and pieces of information about this device through leaks and rumors.

Reports point to the Galaxy S23 Ultra looking identical to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The phone will have the same size and shape, and it’s also expected to have the built-in S Pen. Aside from that, the phone is expected to bring some new camera technology.

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We’ll need to wait for more information about this phone, but that shouldn’t be too long down the road. The new Galaxy phones are expected to launch sometime in February. That seems on-par for the company, so you can bet that the rumor mill will start going before then.