January 31, 2023

Playing games on your phone means that you can have all the fun you would have on a console with the added benefit of playing on the go. No matter what kinds of games you love to play, there’s a huge range of choice for everyone.

Whether you like to play bingo or prefer racing games, there’s something for everyone to play on your Android phone through apps and sites such as Jackpotjoy. Let’s take a look through some of the most exciting and fun games you can play on Android.

Best games to play on Android

Square Valley

If you’re not into a game with bells and whistles, this is the game for you. There are no ads and no in app purchases to make, everything is there for you as soon as you download. You can even play offline which is great if you’ve got a long flight you’re looking to kill some time on.

You can build your own little world and gain points by choosing the right strategy for placing your building tiles. Not only is this game creative, you have to think about each choice and make the best decisions. This will test your building innovation as well as getting you to think strategically. All while playing a game!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is a favourite for grown ups and kids alike. You get to create your own SIM and build your very own world. This wholesome game let’s you build the camp of your dreams whilst enjoying the game.

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You will meet lots of animals along the way and get to carry out tasks that will test your mental agility too. There are even seasonal events that you can get into meaning that the game always has something new going on.

There are some in app purchases for this game although they’re not mandatory for a fun gaming experience. These can also be disabled if you’re going to be playing along with the kids too and don’t want them running riot with your card!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Those people who love racing games need look no further than Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. This game is high energy and keeps you on your toes at all times. There are no complicated challenges involved, just pure fun racing.

This game will test your reaction times and well as getting your heart racing as fast as the cars. It’s a great way to take your mind off a long day and fully focus on the game in front of you.

Jackpotjoy Bingo

Playing bingo online is the perfect way to relax and enjoy one of your favourite casino games while you’re on the move. There’s no need to limit yourself to playing bingo at a designated hall or while you’re on your laptop at home. You can now play the same great game on your Android device.

There are so many different types of bingo game to choose from, it’ll be difficult to pick just one! You can choose a quick game of 75 ball bingo where the aim of the game is to fill out a predetermined pattern on the board. This game is favoured in the USA but has quickly become popular all over the world.

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Or, if you’re looking to settle into a longer game, you can choose the traditional 90 ball bingo game. You can win this game by either filling out one line, two lines or getting a full house for the biggest jackpot. This is the longest running type of bingo and has been a firm favourite with bingo players for centuries.

There are different themes to choose from too! There are themed bingo games such as the Tiki Bingo game, Bingo Royale and Bubble Bingo. All of these follow the same rules but there is the added benefit of having a fun theme to keep things new and exciting. You can even play a version called Crystal Maze Bingo which is based on the ever popular TV show.

Benefits of playing games on your Android device

Play on the go

Wherever you have access to the internet, you have access to your Android device games. This means you never get to miss out on any of the fun and can play wherever you have your phone and some spare time to hand.

There’s no need to wait for your laptop or computer to start up at home – or even wait till you get there! Everything is available to you in the palm of your hand.

Amazing graphics

Android are renowned for having some of the best graphics in the phone world. This means you don’t have to settle for poorer graphics than you would get on any other device. You can play the same great games in the same great quality and enjoy them just as much as you would at home.

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You can plug your headphones in and turn your daily bus or train ride into your very own games room experience. There’s no need to miss out on quality when you’re gaming on your Android device.

Playing games on your phone opens up a world of opportunities. You can utilise the time you have playing something fun rather than having to wait until you’re back at home. The only question is, which game are you going to play first?