January 31, 2023

Spotify is one of the main players in the podcast game, and it’s been working on making the experience better. The company is steadily expanding its foothold on the market, and this means that it’s buying up companies to aid in that process. Spotify purchased a company called Kinzen to help detect harmful content in its podcasts.

Podcasting is a major source of entertainment today, and this makes for major problems. Every platform meant to spread knowledge and positive energy can also be used to spread misinformation and negative energy.

This is compounded by the fact that it’s so easy to create a podcast. Anyone could quickly record a podcast about anything and post it to a myriad of different podcast platforms. This makes policing the podcast industry very difficult.

But, Spotify believes that Kinzen can help with this process

Kinzen is a company based in Dublin, Ireland that specializes in detecting harmful content on the internet including misinformation, hate speech, and violent extremism.

It has technology suited to detecting dangerous information in multiple languages and across multiple forms of media. This includes audio, text, and video. The company uses a mix of AI and human expertise to effectively spot any type of hateful or harmful content.

So, as you can imagine, is something that Spotify can use to help keep its podcast platform clean. Since Spotify is a large podcasting platform, there’s no telling just how many shows are created by, let’s just say, “unsavory” characters.

The two companies partnered back in 2020, but it seems that Spotify didn’t just want to be friends. We’re not sure if this acquisition means that Kinzen won’t be able to provide its services to other companies. Let’s just hope that the company can still help other companies detect harmful content, as that’s something that we can use a lot more of these days.

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