January 31, 2023

Today is Cyber Monday, which means that you’ll be able to save tons of money on great tech items. If you’re looking for a great indoor grill, the COSORI indoor grill is now a whopping $80 off. This brings the price down from $239.99 to $159.99.

The COSORI indoor grill is an all-in-one cooking powerhouse with some modern-day innovations to make preparing your Christmas meal quicker and easier. Starting off with the basics, this grill has a large 100-square-foot cooking space, and it uses 360° rapid air circulation. This ensures that the food cooks thoroughly from all angles.

It has a non-stick ceramic basin that’s easy to clean. This means that you won’t have any stuck-on residue or food after you finish cooking. This is a well-sought-after feature in all grills, as cleaning them is always a headache.

If you’re worried about too much smoke getting into your environment, the COSORI indoor grill has some useful smoke filters. Since you’re using this indoors, too much smoke can be annoying. This is especially true when food smoke erroneously triggers the smoke alarm in your house.

This grill is not only useful, but it’s also smart. You can use the VeSync app on your smartphone to control the grill. This allows you to set the temperature, cooking time, and other settings right from your phone. Also, the VeSync app will give you notifications when the food finishes cooking. This means that you can safely walk away without worrying about your food overcooking.

As if the COSORI indoor grill couldn’t get any smarter, you can connect it to your Amazon or Google account to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This is a fully connected, integrated, and smart grill that will surely up your cooking game. You want to be sure to act on this deal quickly, as it will expire soon.

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COSORI Indoor Grill