January 31, 2023

Black Friday may be over, but the deals are not! For Cyber Monday, Google has a new deal on its Google Fi phone service. You can get a Google Fi SIM card with an unlimited plan for $20 off. This brings the price down from $65 to $45 for the first month.

In case you don’t know what Google Fi is, it’s the company’s phone carrier service. With it, you get all the benefits that you would get from other carriers, like calling, texting, and internet access. It’s becoming a pretty popular carrier service, especially for Google Pixel users.

Along with the typical features, this Google Fi plan comes with 5G connectivity oh, so you’ll be able to get blazing-fast internet. If you want to browse the web safely, the Google Fi plan comes with a free VPN service. This keeps your data safe when using public Wi-Fi. The VPN keeps hackers from getting your data.

Since this is a Google service, it’s a no-brainer that the company is giving Google One Cloud Storage. If you get a Google Fi plan, you’ll have a full 100GB of Google Drive cloud stores. You’ll be able to store all types of files, pictures, videos, music, and documents online.

As stated before, the plan on this deal gives you unlimited calls, texts, and hotspot tethering. As with any unlimited plan, there are limitations. You can use as much data as you want, but the company will limit your speed just a bit after you surpass 50GB of data. That’s just something to know if you plan on using a ton of data.

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Inside the box, you’ll get the SIM card, a SIM removal tool, an iPhone activation guide, and all the important literature to get you started. Act quickly as this deal is available for a limited time.

Google Fi unlimited plan – Amazon