January 31, 2023

Samsung could be working on a mobile app for its self-repair program. The company recently filed a trademark application for the name Self Repair Assistant. According to the accompanying documents, the product is a mobile app providing “consultancy and information services” for “self-installation, self-maintenance, and self-repair” of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and earbuds. The app’s icon features a wrench inside a gear on a blue background with rounded corners.

Samsung filed this trademark application in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) last week (via). As you can see, Self Repair Assistant is a mobile app that will assist DIY (do it yourself) enthusiasts during their self-repair endeavors. It will likely provide them with repair guides featuring written step-by-step instructions and visual illustrations. This is something the company announced to make available on its website for free of cost as part of its self-repair program. A mobile app makes it all more accessible.

Self Repair Assistant could make Samsung’s self-repair program more accessible

Samsung launched its self-repair program in the US earlier this year. Developed in collaboration with the well-known repair company iFixit, the program currently covers self-repair or replacement of the screen, back glass, and charging port of the Galaxy Tab S7+, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S20 series devices i. e. the company provides repair guides, tools, and replacement parts for the aforementioned components of these Galaxy devices.

While the guide is available online, the repair tools and parts can be purchased from Samsung’s retail and service locations across the US, as well as iFixit. The company sends the new parts with a return label to encourage customers to send the damaged parts that they replaced for recycling. The Korean firm said this initiative will “promote a circular economy and minimize e-waste”. It already has more than 1,700 drop-off locations in the US where anyone can drop damaged parts or gadgets for recycling.

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Samsung plans to expand the self-repair program to more Galaxy devices and repair areas in the future, and also launch it in other countries. While this expansion has yet to come, the company appears to be developing a mobile app for it. Well, it’s unclear if the Korean firm has already begun the work on Self Repair Assistant or if it’s only planning the app. But such an app will give its self-repair program a much-needed push. We will let you know if and when Samsung releases the Self Repair Assistant app.

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