January 30, 2023

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone company. It has been at the top for the past several years. The Korean firm also makes various other electronic products and understandably has a huge following globally. Turns out, “samsung” is one one the most commonly used passwords as well.

Password manager service NordPass recently conducted a study to determine the weakest password of 2022. The company worked with independent cybersecurity researchers to evaluate a 3TB database and compile a list of commonly used passwords. The study covered 30 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the UK, and the US. While Samsung’s homeland South Korea was not part of the study, a lot of people in other regions use the company’s name as their password.

According to the research report, the word “samsung” was used as a password almost 19,000 times within the evaluated database. It was the 78th most popular password in the study. It ranked 198 in 2019, 189 in 2020, and 78 in 2021. This shows people are increasingly using “samsung” as their password. Unfortunately, that’s a terrible idea. Because the same report notes that this password can be cracked in less than a second. You can see the full list here.

Stop using these weak passwords immediately

Samsung’s name being a commonly-used password may come as a surprise to you unless you are part of that group. But having said that, it isn’t the worst password choice out there. Topping this list from NordPass are the usual suspects — password, 123456, and 123456789. These are the three most commonly-used passwords around the world. Cybernews recently published its research report on the weakest passwords of 2022, and these three appeared at the top of that list as well.

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Sadly, the passwords that people use most commonly are the weakest ones too. They are way too easy to guess, let alone crack. Despite repeated warnings from security researchers, people continue to use these kinds of insecure passwords. Worse yet, many people keep the same password across multiple accounts. This practice severely compromises your online security. You are making yourself vulnerable to a devastating online attack.

We always recommend you use a password manager app such as NordPass. These apps can suggest unique and secure passwords for every app or website you have an account on. They also securely store the passwords, so you don’t have to memorize dozens of those. Whenever needed they can automatically enter the password in the required field. Check out these best password manager apps for Android.