March 27, 2023

Samsung is making it easier to transfer your Good Lock settings to a new Galaxy device. The company is adding Smart Switch support to a couple of Good Lock modules: MultiStar and QuickStar. This integration allows you to carry over your custom settings for these modules when switching devices. The feature serves as the stopgap solution until the brand-new “Galaxy to Share” module is available widely.

Samsung launched the Galaxy to Share module for Good Lock in November last year. It allows Galaxy users to share their custom Good Lock settings with other Galaxy devices or transfer them seamlessly when switching to a new device. But this handy new module is yet to be available outside the company’s homeland South Korea. As such, users in other markets have no other option but to redo all of their Good Lock customizations when they switch to a new Galaxy device.

While Samsung doesn’t tell why it isn’t releasing Galaxy to Share in other markets, it has provided some respite to users with Smart Switch support, albeit for only two Good Lock modules. For the uninitiated, Smart Switch is the Korean firm’s in-house tool for transferring files and data between two Galaxy devices. You can move everything from photos, contacts, and music to calendar events, text messages, and device settings from your old Galaxy to a new Galaxy.

Smart Switch support for MultiStar and QuickStar now allows you to move settings for these two Good Lock modules as well. The former lets you customize the multitasking experience on your Galaxy smartphone. The latter, meanwhile, gives you control over how your Quick Settings panel should look like. According to Android Police, most of your custom settings for these modules can be transferred via Smart Switch.

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Good Lock gains Smart Switch support ahead of the Galaxy S23 launch

Samsung is adding Smart Switch support to Good Lock ahead of the Galaxy S23 launch tomorrow. If you’re planning to buy the new Galaxy flagship, setting it up with Good Lock on it will be a lot less painful. Ensure that you have MultiStar version 6.2.5 and QuickStar version installed on your Galaxy devices and you can easily move your custom settings. We will let you know when other Good Lock modules, including LockStar, NavStar, and Theme Park, pick Smart Switch support. We also expect Samsung to widely roll out the Galaxy to Share module in the coming weeks.