February 1, 2023

A new Netflix subscription plan, which is coming soon, will make it possible for users to share their account passwords. According to the available report, this plan will be available to the public in the first quarter of 2023. This plan will come in handy for users who wish to share their accounts with someone who is not a member of their household.

A few years ago, sharing your Netflix password with friends was possible, but that all changed. Last year, the streaming company began cracking down on password sharing. This made it difficult for others to log in to an account that wasn’t theirs.

This move was in a bid to encourage more people to subscribe to Netflix’s streaming service. The company also rolled out more affordable plans to boost its number of users. But, password sharing is finally returning to Netflix in a more polished way.

Netflix says you need to pay to share your password with friends

The internet went wild after Netflix started cracking on password sharing. This is because the streaming company claimed to support password sharing with a Twitter post that read “love is sharing a password.” Well, that post was made back in 2017, but fast-forward to 2022, and Netflix was seemingly taking a different stand regarding password sharing.

Finally, Netflix will allow its users to share passwords with friends, but there is a catch. Users will need to pay extra to be able to share their passwords with friends. This will join other new payment plans that Netflix rolled over the past few months.

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Requesting extra payment from users hoping to share their password with friends will turn over more funds for Netflix. Already, the company has launched an affordable ad-supported subscription plan. This plan comes with ads that will be displayed while streaming on the platform. Also, those on this ad-supported plan will not be able to download movies for viewing later.

Possibly, this password-sharing subscription plan will come with some limitations once it launches. The pricing of this coming Netflix subscription plan is still unknown, but it will launch in the coming months. Once available, users who wish to share their password can do so after paying the set price.