January 31, 2023

Apple announced the iPhone 14 series back in September, and that announcement included Crash Detection. Which is now available on all new iPhones and Apple Watches. But we continue to hear about the feature having false triggers. In October, the feature was being triggered on roller coasters, and now it appears that it’s happening with Skiers.

Apparently, riders in Park City, Utah have been unknowingly triggering Crash Detection while skiing and snowboarding. The Summit County Dispatch Center supervisor has shared that they are seeing “three to five of the emergency calls from the Apple technology per day. She said none of the calls she’s taken have been activated on purpose.” Adding that most owners of the iPhone or Apple Watch “have no idea that they’ve even called us”.

Despite this, the supervisor still wants everyone to keep it enabled. As it can be a very useful feature. Stating that “we do not want you to turn the feature off. We would rather have you be safe. WE don’t mind taking that call because if something really did happen, we want to be able to get to you.”

Apple released iOS 16.1.2 on Wednesday with fixes for accidental Crash Detection triggers

Apple released a new version of iOS 16, that’s 16.1.2 on Wednesday which has some fixes for crash detection and should help keep this from happening. Along with a few other bug fixes.

It’s kind of ironic that a lot of YouTubers went out to try and “test” this feature, and it didn’t work. Only to see it hitting false positives on things like roller coasters and ski slopes. But as with other features, Apple will continue to improve it over time. And unlike the Google Pixel which has this same feature, Apple actually has it enabled by default. Weirdly, Google does not enable Crash Detection out of the box, even on the latest Pixel 7 series.

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