June 10, 2023

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has released the game’s Fractal update today and it includes a ton of little improvements and some other big changes. As well as a few feature additions that should delight players. One of the bigger parts of the No Man’s Sky Fractal update lies in its preparation for the game’s PS VR2 release.

No Man’s Sky has been hyper jumping into virtual reality for a few years now. But today’s update really amps things up and makes you feel like a space explorer in new ways. Something which is only going to get better for those who play the game on PS5 using their PS VR2 headset.

For starters, Hello Games says that you can now “Play the entirety of No Man’s Sky in Virtual Reality without compromise, with new levels of immersion.” Basically, you’ll feel even more like you’re the pilot sitting in the cockpit of your starship as you rocket into space and fly across the universe. Here’s where it gets good for PS VR2 owners.

No Man’s Sky Fractal update adds some PS VR2-specific features

The PS VR2 incorporates some really neat next-gen tech, like the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers found in the DualSense. Sony implemented these features into the PS VR2 Sense controllers, and No Man’s Sky will take advantage of them. But there’s also more to look forward to. The game’s other PS VR2-specific features include vibrations in the headset, as well as the PS5’s 3D audio for enhanced sound.

The game also now makes use of the PS5’s more powerful components. So players can expect things like “reflections, terrain tessellation, increased draw distance, more dense foliage, and ultra quality textures and refraction,” Hello says in its blog post. The game also now has new accessibility features, and players can earn a new starship called the Utopia Speeder.

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Hello even added in gyro control support for players on the Steam Deck, PS4 and PS5, and Nintendo Switch. If you’re eager to check out the new update, it’s live now. You can also check out the new trailer below.