January 31, 2023

Microsoft Teams is a major video chat platform, and it rivals the likes of Google Meet, Zoom, and other platforms. It’s been adding new features since the beginning of the pandemic. A new addition to Microsoft Teams is the ability to tag everyone in a group.

If you’re in a large organization with a lot of people, it is easy to have one of your messages accidentally ignored. A lot of people talk in groups, and not everyone’s message can be seen.

This is especially frustrating if you’re trying to talk about something important.
This is why services give you the ability to tag people in messages. This will notify the recipient and bring your message to their attitude.

Microsoft Teams will let you tag everyone in a group

According to Techradar, Microsoft Teams is finally implementing a feature that other services have offered for a while. You’re currently able to tag specific people using the “@” symbol. Unfortunately, you could only tag one person at a time.

However, what if you needed to tag everyone? Well, Microsoft Teams will give you the ability to tag everyone in a group. In order to do this, all you have to do is type in the “@” symbol, and type “everyone”.

When you do that, every person in the group will receive a notification with your message. This is great if you want to address everyone about an important matter.

This feature is coming soon

Microsoft says that the ability to tag everyone in Teams will be coming sometime in December. This means that there’s not much time to wait, seeing as we are already 10 days into November.

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When this feature launches, it will be coming to every platform that supports Microsoft Teams. This means that you’ll be able to use it on Android, iOS, desktop, and on the web. If you are excited about this feature, be on the lookout for it once December comes.