February 1, 2023

If you were randomly logged out of your Twitter account, you don’t need to worry. The company just informed its users about what happened. Twitter recently had a password reset bug that it feared would pose a security concern, so it logged a number of people out of their accounts altogether.

What was this Twitter password reset bug?

Twitter recently confirmed that there was a bug that affected people’s password resets. When you reset your password, you’d usually be logged out of all Twitter sessions. This means that you’d be logged out of Twitter across all of your devices, and you’d need to log in again with the new creditials.

However, with this bug, Twitter could keep you logged in on your other devices. This means that if you chaned your password because you fear that someone else has your device, they’d still have access to your account.

Because of this, the company went and logged affected people out of their accounts. It was a safety measure. The company also said that it directly contacted people who were affected, so if you were logged out, you should have had some sort of communication about it.

Twitter said that this password reset bug came about when it made a change to the system that powers the passwords. In the announcement, Twitter did say that the bug was resolved. So, after you log back into your account, you’ll be fine.

In Other Twitter News: Twitter Is Finally Adding Alt Text Reminders

Twitter added alt text to its images a few months ago, but there was still something missing. Not as many people were utilizing the feature. Because of this, the company is adding in alt text reminders. While you’re posting a photo to the Twitter, you’ll see a splash screen nudging you to add a text description to your tweet.

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