January 30, 2023

If you’re looking for a new wallpaper app for your Android smartphone, LitWallz is worth taking for a spin. This app is not new, it has been around for quite some time now, but it does have a lot to offer.

LitWallz is a wallpaper app with a great UI design

This is actually one of the best-designed wallpaper apps around. It has all the right animations and features, while it looks really nice. All the UI elements are in the right spots too. It’s just a really great overall package.

All the wallpapers in the app are HD, 4K, and Ultra HD, by the way. There are both static and live wallpapers available here. Daily wallpaper updates are a thing too, so you’ll always have something fresh to check out, plus a huge database that is already available.

There are a ton of categories that you can choose from in this app. Categories such as AMOLED, Superheroes, Landscape, Beaches, Minimal, Technology, and many more are available. It’s also possible to scroll wallpapers based on brands they’re made for. Official OnePlus wallpapers, for example.

There are a number of ways you can discover new wallpapers in this app

If you’re not one to manually search for wallpapers, or search for them via a specific category, no worries. The home feed filled with wallpapers is available, along with quick Random and Trending feeds that you can check out.

The app does allow you to either set or download the wallpapers, and you can also preview them really quickly. Once you scroll down to a wallpaper you like, you can long-press on it to see what it will look like on the homescreen.

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The vast majority of the wallpapers are free, but some do require a premium tier account. There are monthly subscription options available, but also a one-time payment of $3.49. With that, you get access to premium wallpapers, while you also remove ads, and support the developer.

If you’re interested in LitWallz, we’ve included some official screenshots below, along with a link to the app.

LitWallz (Google Play Store)