February 1, 2023

Stories have been a big part of Instagram for years, and the social media app is still making changes to the feature. According to 91Mobiles, Instagram is now letting people upload up to 60-second long stories. That’s a major bump from the previous time limit.

We’re all used to choppy stories. When you’re looking through an account’s story, you’ll see longer ones cut up into 15-second chunks. This is because the app used to only let you post stories that long.

It makes sense that Instagram only let people post stories that long. They’re meant to be quick updates on what you’re up to, not full-on videos. However, it seems that users want the ability to make longer stories. Some updates just can’t be summed up in 15 seconds.

Now, you can make 60-second Instagram stories

Instagram is now rolling out a new update that will let people post longer stories. If you don’t see it, then you’ll want to make sure your app is fully updated. Search for Instagram in your respective app store and see if you have the option to update it.

Once you update Instagram on your device, you should be able to make 60-second stories. If you don’t have the ability, then you should wait a bit for it to make it to your device.

In Other Instagram News: Instagram May Move The Shopping Tab

Instagram has had its shopping tab for some time, but it might be moved. People are reporting seeing the shopping tab replaced by the notification tab. The shopping tab isn’t going away, however. It’s being moved to a spot in the settings menu, which is an odd place to put it.

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While the company isn’t getting rid of the feature now, it could possibly ax the feature sometime next March. The company could, instead, focus its e-commerce strategy towards boosting Meta’s ad revenue.