March 27, 2023

Nothing made its grand entrance as the company with the transparent earbuds, and it’s looking to continue that trend. Amid talk about the Nothing Phone (2), we just got some images of the Nothing Ear (2) TWS earbuds. They show a similar design with some subtle tweaks.

Nothing, spearheaded by ex-OnePlus executive Carl Pei, is building up its portfolio of devices with two earbuds and a phone out in the wild. Later in the year, the company is going to launch the Nothing Phone (2). The company says that the phone will be more premium. Notably, this phone will launch natively in the States.

Here are images of the Nothing Ear (2)

It’s been about a year and a half since Nothing launched its first pair of earbuds, and they proved to be pretty popular. They were notable because of the transparent aesthetic that the company has retained ever since. Now, the next generation is here, and we get much of the same.

Thanks to Onleaks (via SmartPrix) we have our first images of the Nothing Ear (2) earbuds. These sport a similar look to both the Ear (1) and the Ear (Stick). They still have the long stem that pokes downward and they still have the black-and-white color scheme with a clear outer casing.

If you see an image of the Nothing (2) Ear two, you’d have a hard time noticing that anything’s different at first glance. The most telling change is the name of the device printed on the side.

But, digging deeper into the little details, there are a few more changes to spot. For starters, the Nothing Ear (2) seems to have one less microphone, but that’s not the case. The noise-canceling microphone was moved from the top of the device to near the red/white dot. You’ll see this highlighted in red in the image below.

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nothing ear 1 image 6
Ear (1) [Left]
Ear (2) [Right]

Looking at the other microphones, they appear to be slightly smaller and so do the holes. Other than that, there’s a slight change to a component on the side of the earbuds. We’re not sure what that is, but it’s highlighted in orange.

Those seem to be the only visible changes made to these earbuds. Now, the real difference we’re looking forward to is the sound. The Nothing Ear (1) performed well under our testing, and we’re wondering what the company will do to make the audio experience better.