February 1, 2023

The PS5 is available in a God Of War Ragnarok bundle over at Walmart for Black Friday and you can snag it right now if you’re quick enough. Though, we wouldn’t wait too long, considering how impossible it has been to get a PS5 console over the last couple of years. Acquiring one has gotten easier in the past 6 months. Due to retailers getting a hold of a little bit more stock more often than the console’s first year of launch.

But we’ve now entered the third year of the PS5’s life cycle and in most cases, you still can’t walk into a retailer and grab a PS5 off the shelf. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s just rare. All of that said, right now Walmart is carrying the PS5 God Of War Ragnarok bundle for $559 and this deal will last through Black Friday as long as there’s still stock left. And if you order it quick enough it’ll arrive before the end of November. You should also be able to have it ready for local pickup. Although, this option may depend on where you live.

The PS5 God Of War Ragnarok bundle comes with the console, one DualSense controller, and a copy of the game. This is a voucher for the full digital copy, and not a physical disc copy. But this is the Disc version of the console. Worth noting is that there’s no indication of how many console units Walmart has. According to the website, there have been 1000+ units purchased since November 21. So make of that what you will.

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As we get closer and closer to the holidays, it’ll likely be harder to find the PS5 in stock anywhere. So if you’re still looking to get one, take advantage while you can. You can find the PS5 bundle by clicking here.

PS5 God Of War Ragnarok Bundle