January 31, 2023

Google Photos backup terminology is now easier to understand thanks to a slight change from Google. The company essentially changed some writing in the menu, to make things simpler overall.

Google makes Google Photos backup terminology easier to understand

The company decided to update two terms in the menu, and both are related to backups. Do note that the change has been made in both the Google Photos app, and web client.

You will notice that the ‘Backup & sync’ option is now simply called ‘Backup’. This is the main toggle that allows you to enable or disable automatic backup of your photos or videos.

The second term that got changed in the settings is ‘Upload size’. It’s now called ‘Backup quality’, and that does make a lot more sense. The two options in there do remain unchanged, they’re still ‘Original quality’ and ‘Storage saver’.

You can see both of those changes in the gallery below. The change did roll out to us, but we’re not sure if that goes for everyone. Another thing to note is that this is a server-side change, an app update is not required for it.

The company said that people found previous terminology “confusing”

Google did say that people found previous terms “confusing and [hopes] you’ll find the new terminology intuitive and easy to remember”. The company also noted that there are no changes in the upload process itself, just the terminology in the menu.

This is a rather small change, but it’ll hopefully help some users understand the app a bit better. The second change is especially worth noting, as it does make things a lot more clear.

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Google has been updating Google Photos constantly for years, and new features are often a part of those updates. Google Photos managed to become one of the main photo and video upload apps on both iOS and Android, though it no longer offers free storage with ‘Storage saver’, as it used to before. Well, unless you still take pictures with the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, or some other phone that was a part of the free upload program.