January 31, 2023

Google finally started rolling out the long-awaited redesign of Android Auto last week. The update, also known as “Coolwalk” brings in a much-welcomed redesign to the Android Auto UI. Since the beta registration limit is full, users could not install this version of the app if they were not already on the public beta list. Luckily, Google has opened up a few more slots for the Android Auto beta program for more users to experience the new update.

A Reddit thread reported that the Android Auto beta is accepting fresh sign-ups in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Some users also reported receiving a notification that prompts them to join the beta program. This is the first time Google expanded its beta program so that more users can sign up.

Sign up for the Android Auto beta program

To join the beta program and test the new update, users will need to head over to the Android Auto beta testing page. On the testing page, click on “Become a tester”, so long as the program doesn’t reach its maximum capacity yet again. Once a user has joined the program, they will see an update to the latest Android Auto beta through the Play Store.

Android Auto redesign

The new Android Auto redesign brings a revamped experience to Google’s in-car platform. Three sections make up the main UI. The first two sections are navigation and media controls, and the third one will dynamically change based on relevant information like new incoming messages, a clock, and more. Android Auto will now automatically scale to show the panels for the app launcher, notifications, and Google Assistant.

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Android Auto will get even smarter with the integration of Google Assistant. For instance, when starting a trip, users can share a link to their arrival time with their friends, use one-tap quick replies for messages, and more. Users can also call their favorite contacts with a single tap.

The new app dock will allow users to switch between recent apps with one tap without having to go through the app menu. Google has also merged notifications and icons into one section so that users can view the number of unread messages and can access the music and media recommendations from Google Assistant via a single swipe. The new UI uses the Material You design language, thus making for a more consistent UI experience.