January 30, 2023

There’s a growing list of apps that have surpassed a billion downloads, and Google One is the next one to join the club, according to 9To5Google. This is the search giant’s cloud storage platform.

As more smartphones make it into more hands, the number of apps gaining more than a billion downloads is increasing. Apps like Facebook, TikTok, Google Translate, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, etc have already crossed this line on the Google Play Store. Now,

Now, when an app has more than a billion downloads, it doesn’t mean that it has over a billion active users. It just means that the Download button was pressed a billion times. A lot of downloads come from people downloading the same app on different devices.

In any case, if an app was able to wrack up such a high number of downloads, it means that the app is pretty popular.

Google One was downloaded a billion times

Joining the ranks is Google One. This is the company’s cloud storage platform. It should come as no surprise that Google One surpassed a billion downloads. It’s a staple for every Google account owner, as every account gets automatic storage. When you make a Google account, you start off with 15GB of cloud storage for free. That’s enough to get most people started off on the right foot. This also applies to Google Photos storage.

If you want to access more storage, you can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee for it.  Google One encompasses all of Google’s services including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Photos, and Google Docs/Sheets/Slides. Getting a subscription will give you more storage for all of those products.

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The cheapest plan will cost you $1.99/month ($19.99/year). With that one, you’ll get 100GB of storage to share with up to five people. You’ll also have access to Google experts for help.

The next up will cost you $2.99/month ($29.99/year). This plan gets you the same perks as the first plan with 200GB of storage. Also, you’ll get 3% back when you shop at the Google Store.

Next up, there’s the $9.99/month plan ($99.99/year). You’ll have a full 2TB of storage along with 10% back when shopping at the Google Store, a Workspace premium account, and the Google VPN added to your plan.

The last four plans have the same perks. The only difference is the amount of storage you get. There’s the 5TB ($24.99/month, $249.99/year), 10TB ($49.99/month), 20TB ($99.99/month), and 30TB ($149.99/month) plan.

Check out the plans here