January 31, 2023

Google Messages keeps improving its services to suit the needs of users around the world. An improvement to the RCS group chat member limit is making an appearance. This new feature will enable up to 100 people to join or be added to a group.

With this improvement, users will be able to keep in touch with more friends at the same time. You can now have fun or even collaborate with more people on a group chat. Truthfully, this improvement might attract more Android users to start using Google Messages more frequently.

Google has been working hard to improve the services of its RCS messaging feature. Allowing 100 users on a group chat will help make RCS more fun for users. Well, there is more to RCS group chats that you can start benefiting from today.

Everything new coming to Google Messages RCS group chat

Initially, a report from Abner Li had it that the new limit for RCS group chat members was 21 people. For some reason, Google chose to increase the limit to 100 people shortly after the 9to5Google update went live. A popular Twitter user and senior technical editor at Esperdev was able to spot the upgrade in the group chat members limit.

Reports from 9to5Google say that this group chat member limit feature is in its beta testing phase. Google has not also confirmed whether the limit will increase once the test is over. But some users are already getting access to this feature on their Google Message app.

With the increase in security threats on the internet, most people shy away from joining group chats. If you are part of that group of people, the RCS group chat feature promises that you have nothing to worry about. In December, Google rolled out end-to-end encryption for their group chats on the RCS platform.

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This assures members of the group chat that their messages are protected and not accessible by any external party. For extra protection, this feature is turned on automatically for individual and group chats. So you can not only chat with more people at a time in an RCS group, but you can also do that while staying safe.