January 30, 2023

Google may be readying a new product with Fuchsia OS installed out of the box. A now-deleted company document revealed the plans. The internal document suggested that the first-ever Fuchsia-powered device may launch as early as this year.

The first-ever Fuchsia-powered device may launch in 2023

According to a 9to5Google report, Fuchsia developers recently submitted a new document detailing an upcoming project. The document was briefly published publicly last week before being taken down or hidden. However, the publication had already seen it.

The developers said that Fuchsia will soon gain support for JavaScript development. This makes it easier to manage and control a device’s features, the publication notes.

But that isn’t all. The internal document mentioned “factories” support, which hints at a device with Fuchsia OS installed out of the box. After all, companies initially test new products in factories during production. “Eventually, Fuchsia will be used as the operating system on devices when they are manufactured in factories,” an excerpt of the document said. Moreover, it mentioned that JavaScript support should be ready in the first half of 2023. This is to ensure the timely development of the first product.

“Having a generally working solution ready by 1H2023 so the solution is available for Fuchsia’s first factory build,” another excerpt of the document reads. This is a big clue that Google is readying a Fuchsia-powered device with plans to launch it before the end of this year.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have concrete evidence supporting the existence of such a product. Maybe we will soon see something more. After all, Google has ramped up the Fuchsia OS development in recent months.

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Google has already updated a couple of Nest products to Fuchsia

Google has been working on the Fuchsia project since at least 2016. After several years of work behind the scenes, the new operating system finally made it into consumer products in 2021. Over the past couple of years, the company has seeded Fuchsia OS to the first-gen Nest Hub (originally Google Home Hub) and the Next Hub Max. Both products shipped with Linux-based Cast OS out of the box.

Going forward, Google seems to be readying Fuchsia for a couple of smart speakers. The Nest Audio appears to be the first in the pipeline. The other could be the upcoming ultra-wideband (UWB) enabled smart speaker codenamed Buckeye. Considering the timing of its rumored launch — late 2023 or early 2024 — and the information revealed by this leaked internal document, the Buckeye may be the first device to ship with Fuchsia. We should hear more about this in the coming months.