February 1, 2023

Google’s suite of services is all about making life easier, and the involves seamlessly integrating different services with one another. For example, Google Lens now has a new shortcut to Image Search to help you search up pictures faster, according to 9to5Google.

The search giant unveiled Google Lens back in 2017 during its I/O conference, and it’s been gaining popularity slowly but surely. The technology allows you to use your camera- and Google’s AI wizardry- to scan items in real life and take actions upon them. You can translate text, copy that text, do a Google search on what you see, and much more.

Now, Google Lens makes it easier to do an image search

Google Len has been implemented into more aspects of the Android operating system. This makes it easier to call on it when you need to scan something. If you want to do a quick Google Image search on what you see, then this new feature will come in handy.

When you take a picture of an item using Google Lens, you’ll see a new icon on the bottom right of the screen. This is a little Earth icon with a magnifying glass over it. When you tap it, the app will bring up a Google Image search with your image in it. You’ll be able to search for images that are similar to what you’ve captured.

This will come in handy if you want an image of an item that you see in the real world. Say, you see a certian type of flower, and you want to download an image of it. You can simply take a picture of that flower and do a Google image search for it. You’ll also get results that match the general color aesthetic of the picture you took.

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This feature is still rolling out, so there’s a chance that you won’t see it on your phone. We were able to see it on one of our Pixel 6 devices. If you don’t see the icon, just hang tight and keep checking every now and then.