January 30, 2023

Two years after debuting the original Chromecast with Google TV, the company is now announcing a new version. But this time, there’s no 4K support. Instead, Google is introducing a new, cheaper Chromecast. In fact, this is the cheapest Chromecast that Google has ever released, at just $29.99. This is the new Chromecast with Google TV (HD).

As you can by the name, this is going to stream in 1080p. This is how Google is able to bring the price down to this ultra-competitive level. Seeing as most content is shot in 720p or 1080p, and upscaled for hardware like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, HD is going to be perfectly fine. At least for the next few years.

It’s going to have everything you know and love from the original Chromecast with Google TV, but now in a cheaper model. That includes having access to over 700,000 movies and TV shows on your Chromecast, as well as Kids profiles on Google TV and much more. Google Assistant is here, with access to your Nest and other smart home products as well. You can use your Nest speakers for multi-room audio too.

When can I buy it?

The Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is available today from the Google Store for $29.99. It is only available in Snow. So unlike with the 4K model, Google is not doing multiple colors here. That’s another area where Google can cut down on the cost too.

At this price, Google is really going after Roku. The Roku Express is one of their most popular streaming devices, and it is $29.99, without 4K HDR. One could argue they are going after the Fire TV Stick as well, but that’s a bit more expensive. It appears that Google really wants to be the number one streaming TV platform with the Chromecast.

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