January 31, 2023

Google has just announced the new Nest Doorbell Wired. This isn’t replacing the doorbell they announced last year, but instead, replacing the Nest Hello as a wired option.

This doorbell is smaller than the Nest Doorbell battery, and that’s because, well, it doesn’t have a battery inside. Nest says that it is about 30% smaller, so it is able to fit in more narrow spaces outside of your home.

The Nest Doorbell Wired is available today for $179. There’s no pre-order period, it is just openly available starting today at the Google Store, Best Buy, Home Depot and other retailers. That is priced the same as the Nest Doorbell Battery, which is a bit surprising, since it has a battery inside.

Continuous 24/7 video history

Since the new Nest Doorbell is wired, it does allow for always-on power, and that also allows for continuous 24/7 video history. Something, that apparently, a lot of people are asking for. Since it always has power, it doesn’t have to worry about conserving energy to keep the battery going for a longer time.

You can access 10-days of continuous video recording too. Which is going to be a big deal for those that want recordings other than when the doorbell sees something or someone.

Google is also claiming that this is their clearest image yet from this new camera on the Nest Doorbell Wired. In fact, DXOMark actually tested it and said that it is “the best camera doorbell we have tested so far.” It hasn’t tested very many doorbells (just the Ring Video Doorbell 4, Arlo Video Doorbell, Nest Hello and Nest Doorbell battery) so take this with a grain of salt a bit.

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With always-on power, the Nest Doorbell wired also has on-device processing. That’s going to provide better alerts, activity zones and even better talk and listen functionality. Making it an all-around better doorbell than the battery version. And that’s really all because of it always having power.

The Nest Doorbell Wired is available in four colors: Snow, Ash, Linen and Ivy. As mentioned already, it’s available today for $179.