February 1, 2023

At CES 2023 Disney and Amazon showed off their new collaboration in the technology industry. This brings Disneyland closer to kids at home thanks to the Alexa voice assistant. Well, it’s not all about kids, as the new Amazon Echo devices will appeal to all Disney fans.

Disney owns tons of shows and characters that have come to be loved by many. Just imagine hearing your favorite character come alive at the sound of your voice. What is more? You can get this experience from the comfort of your home, just like you were at Disneyland.

This collaboration is bringing more than just bedtime stories to your home. From games to bedtime stories and even themed sound effects that remind you of your favorite Disney movie. This will bring an immersive digital experience for Disney fans.

Experiencing Disneyland with an Amazon Echo product is now possible

Disney is relying on Amazon Echo to bring this immersive experience to their fans. At CES 2023, the company unveiled new Disney-themed Amazon Echo products. Along with these new Disney-themed Echo products is the Disney MagicBand Plus for playing games.

All themed products come with a Disney character voice assistant. To interact with the assistant, a user simply needs to say “Hey Disney” and they’d be greeted with the voice of a Disney character. This doesn’t render Alexa purposeless.

Alexa still exists on the new Disney-themed Amazon Echo products, but it coexists with the “Hey Disney” feature. With this, users can access a ton of Disney characters to interact with while giving commands to the system. Both Alexa and Hey Disney will work together to improve the user experience.

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According to available reports, most Amazon Alexa smart assistant devices will launch with this feature. Disney will also put Amazon Alexa with “Hey Disney” in most rooms at Disneyland Resorts. This will give visitors an early experience of this feature before it is made available globally.