March 27, 2023

E3 has typically been an event where you could look forward to seeing the latest from major games industry brands like Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo, but according to a recent IGN report it seems that won’t be happening in 2023. To some, that probably isn’t surprising with regard to Sony. The company behind PlayStation dropped out of the convention back in 2019. And hasn’t had a presence there since.

With Xbox and Nintendo however, E3 had still been a conduit for showcasing upcoming releases and the latest from both brands. But that apparently isn’t happening this year either. Without Xbox, Sony, or Nintendo at the event, E3 2023 may shape up to be less exciting than people had been hoping.

Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo will not be on the E3 2023 show floor

It’s one thing to not have any official showcases for the convention. But it’s an entirely different thing to have not have any show floor presence. Over the last few years, it’s become the norm to hold livestream events for any big announcements. Nintendo has Nintendo Direct, Sony has its PlayStation Showcase, and even Xbox has begun its own form of announcement livestream.

A physical event though, presents an opportunity to showcase what’s new in gaming to the attendees. Even if all announcements aren’t officially part of the convention. Unfortunately for anyone who will be at the upcoming E3 show in June, there will be no booths from any of the big three platforms.

Xbox may time its summer showcase to align with E3

Xbox may not be at the show officially or have a show floor presence, but it does seem like there could be announcements to look out for. According to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, Xbox plans to time its summer showcase with E3 when it will be “convenient for press and consumers.” Which sounds like it’s livestream will take place at a time when press will be able to more easily cover any big news.

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As for Sony and Nintendo, there is currently no confirmation on whether or not either company plans to time livestream events with the E3 convention.

It’ll be the first in-person E3 in a few years. And that seems to have set some expectations high that the show would see a return to form. Now, it seems, those days may truly be gone.