February 1, 2023

This is a fast-paced world, and no one can afford to be left without their phone for long periods of time. We all have been in that situation where the battery of our phone has drained, often putting ourselves in difficult situations. Sometimes, you also need to check vital information about investing such as your Binance day trading bot.

Wireless chargers are becoming more and more trendy due to their innovative technology based on electromagnetic induction. They help you charge your phone without the use of cable. However, not every wireless charger has the same power or functionalities. This article will help choose your device considering your needs and your lifestyle. Let’s start by understanding how many types of wireless chargers are available on the market.

Several types of chargers for different uses

It is important to understand how wireless chargers work. Most smartphones are equipped with a technology called Qi, which is compatible with wireless chargers. If you already possess induction for your kitchen, it is pretty much the same concept. You just need to place your phone on the wireless pod and it will charge just as quickly as if you plugged a cable in it.

Wireless phone chargers are also compatible with phone accessories such as Air Bud cases and tablets. To know if your device can be charged with a wireless charger, please check if the device is compatible with Qi, the electromagnetic induction technology responsible for the charge.

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Some wireless chargers are flat. This means you need to use them on steady surfaces, like your desk or table. One of the most common uses for a wireless charger is to put on a nightstand to charge it overnight.

Chargers with stands allow you to use your phone while charging, and they are great if you’re watching a video or if you are on video call with someone. Some standing chargers are inclined so you can watch the screen comfortably while charging.

There are also portable chargers that will stick to your phone while using it. These chargers are very discrete, and while the power might not be the best, they constitute a nomad alternative that is quite convenient if you’re on the go.

Certain chargers will fit on your bike or the dashboard of your car, which is great for delivery drivers and people who need a GPS during their trip. These particular chargers aren’t linked with a cable, which makes them optimal for long trips.

How much does a wireless charger cost?

Prices for wireless chargers are relatively low, ranging from £10 – £150 for the most sophisticated models. As a general rule, you don’t need to go for expensive models as they are not always the ones delivering the most power. Some phone brands make their own chargers such as Apple with MagSafe. Samsung has also entered the segment with its own wireless charging models.

Ankler and Belkin, top brands for wireless chargers

The Ankler PowerWave is a good example of an affordable phone charger with a maximum power of 10W. It has a non-slippering surface and sleek design that customers love, and it works well with the latest generation of Samsung.

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Tips to choose the best charger for your life

You will be pleased to learn that some wireless chargers have the ability to charge two devices simultaneously, which is a very strong feature. Some models have special slots for Air Buds cases and other phone accessories.

Positioning your phone adequately on the wireless charging is very important, especially if you’re working with a flat wireless charger. Failure to do so might result in poor performances and it might damage your battery.

Before buying a wireless charger, you need to understand which one will fit your needs, and your lifestyle. If you are planning on using it within your home, you should opt for a wireless charger with a stand, as they are the most practical and elegant devices on the market.

Cons of using a wireless charger

Wireless chargers are usually very safe, easy to use and convenient. However, some users have reported that using them too often will drain your phone’s battery quicker. Therefore, you should alternate between wireless charging and cable charging if your phone can do both.

Wireless chargers are powerful, but for some reason, they are not as fast as cable chargers yet. They are also responsible for the heating of your phone while charging. A heated battery typically drains faster, which could potentially cause a fire hazard in rare cases.