January 31, 2023

Discord and Xbox today have announced that voice chat can now be completed via a direct connection right on the console. You no longer need your phone to start the process. Earlier this year, Xbox rolled out the Discord voice chat feature for users on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. As well as Xbox One. But the only way to use the voice chat was to first start a call on your phone using the Discord mobile app. Then transfer that call to the console using the Xbox mobile app.

The process worked, but it was a little more inconvenient and included a few more steps. After today’s Xbox update though, voice chat is now possible through a direct connection on the console. Meaning you can simply load up Discord voice chats from the dashboard.

There are of course a few steps you need to take before all this can be done.

Xbox users need to link their Discord account to use the direct connection to voice chat

Discord Voice Chat Xbox 2

Your first step is to link your Xbox and Discord accounts. Luckily, you’ll only have to do this one time. Thereafter, you can hop in a voice chat anytime you like. After you’ve linked your accounts, you can find your Discord voice channels by navigating first to the Xbox Dashboard. From the dashboard, go to the parties and chats section, then select Discord. Then just find a voice channel from your list and join the call.

Simple as that. For gamers, this makes the process of using Discord a whole lot easier. While Xbox does have its own integrated voice chat, many people use Discord because it’s more broad and can include people who may be playing on different platforms. Or maybe you just want to talk to a friend while you play even if they don’t play themselves.

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Now that Xbox has Discord’s voice fully integrated, PlayStation players should be next on the list. Earlier this year a leak surfaced that showed the PlayStation version of the voice chat being in development. So it might not be too long before it becomes available.