March 27, 2023

Just two months after OpenAI’s ChatGPT took the world by storm, the Chinese search giant, Baidu, is set to announce its own conversational AI in March, which will be based on Baidu’s Ernie system. A highly advanced machine learning model with a strong focus on natural language processing. This move from the company comes amidst growing competition in the AI industry as tech companies race to build a rival to ChatGPT.

What’s the buzz around ChatGPT

Ever since its release, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been making waves in the tech world with its impressive abilities, including answering questions, writing in a human-like manner, and even writing and debugging code. Now Microsoft, the biggest investor in the company, is looking to integrate ChatGPT into its Bing search engine. This has caused some panic in search industry giants like Google, which has declared code red in an effort to build a rival, as integrating ChatGPT in Bing will give Microsoft a major advantage.

Baidu’s growth has been lacking in the search market, but the company sees the potential for conversational AI services to give it an edge over its competitors. This news of Baidu announcing a competitor to ChatGPT has resulted in the company’s stock jumping over 5%. And according to Bloomberg, Baidu CEO Robin Li expressed his excitement about the technology by saying, “I’m so glad that the technology we are pondering every day can attract so many people’s attention. That’s not easy.”

However, despite the excitement and buzz around ChatGPT, it is important to note that there have also been some concerns about its abilities and limitations. Technology news sites like CNET have been using the tool to write articles, and plagiarism concerns have led New York City public schools to ban the service over cheating fears, as the output can be indistinguishable from student-created content.

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