February 1, 2023

Black Friday is a really good time to find some new games at deep discounts for the PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch and even for PC. So that’s what we’re here to go over. The best games that you can currently pick up for Black Friday. Some of these games will be physical games, while others are digital. Of course, digital games are available to you instantly, instead of waiting for it to ship.

  • Editor’s Note: This post will be updated daily with new deals, and removing old ones. So make sure to bookmark this post for the best Black Friday deals.

Best Black Friday Game Deals

There’s a ton of great PlayStation 5 deals available, including some discounts on accessories. That includes the DualSense Controllers, Pulse 3D Headsets, and much more. As outlined below.

Over on the Xbox side of things, there are a few pretty good deals available for accessories too. Here they are:

Now it’s time to talk about actual game sales. There’s a lot of them. On the PlayStation 5 side of things, you’ll find Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate on sale for $40, down from $70. That’s a really good price for what is a really good game. One of my favorites on the PS5 actually. Demon’s Souls is also on sale for $30, with The Last of Us Part 1 on sale for $50. Among many others.

Xbox has quite a few games on sale too, like Madden NFL 23 for just $30. That’s pretty incredible since it just came out a few months ago. Sonic Mania is down to $8, and Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe is down to $22.50, among many others.

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Below, you’ll find all of the best games deals available, and it will be constantly updated too.