January 31, 2023

If you’re on the lookout for a cross-platform file share app, well, we may have just the software for you. We recently stumbled upon the app called ‘Arc’, and it’s not only cross-platform, but it’s also an open source app.

Arc is a great open source app for cross-platform file sharing

Before we get into it, do note that Arc is still in beta. So, you may stumble upon some problems, even though it was fairly stable during our testing. Having said that, the app is free, of course.

Arc is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. So you can share from one device to the other regardless of what OS you’re using. It’s not the first app of its kind, but it’s the best open-source solution we’ve found.

You’re probably wondering how it works. Well, the moment you open it, it will try to detect other devices that have it installed, in your local network. When it does, you can start sharing. If it doesn’t discover anything, you can always scan a QR code.

Once you do that, simply select the files you’d like to transfer, accept them on the other device, and you’re good to go. Arc can transfer files at 12-30MB/s on WiFi, and up to 45MB/s on hotspot. There are also no file size limits for transfers.

You can transfer all kinds of files

Do note that all kinds of files can be transferred, including photos, videos, and various documents (including PDFs, photoshop files, and so on). There’s no problem, regardless of the file type. Everything we tried to transfer, worked.

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Another thing to note is that all file transfers are secured with industry-standard TLS encryption in-transit. That’s always nice to hear, and will give you a piece of mind upon transferring.

The app does have Material You support, and it also offers dark mode support, which is always nice to hear. The developer also promised that the app will stay free forever, and that ads won’t be a part of the experience.

Check out some official images below, and if you’d like to try the app out, we’ve also included a Play Store link for you.

Arc (Google Play Store)