January 31, 2023

Among the flurry of new devices that Amazon has unveiled today is the Halo Rise, a combination sleep tracker, smart alarm, and wake-up light. The Amazon Halo Rise is Amazon’s latest attempt at wellness, but unlike its two previous Halo devices, the Halo Rise doesn’t have to be worn on the wrist. Instead, it sits on your bedside table to perform all of its functions while you catch a few z’s.

The Halo Rise is actually a pretty neat piece of tech backed up by tons of research on sleep. For starters, the wake-up light is designed around scientific proof that light reinforces your circadian rhythm to help you wake up feeling more refreshed. With this in mind, Amazon paired the light with a smart alarm so that the light gets brighter as you get closer to your lightest sleep stage.

Sleep stage data is tracked using respiration. Utilizing a large clinical data set and machine learning algorithms that “looks for breathing patterns to match up with sleep stages.” Amazon says that the device also only tracks the person closest to it. And that it’s designed to only track when you’re trying to fall asleep. Additionally, there’s an option to put Halo Rise into a standby mode where tracking is disabled.

Amazon Halo Rise begins tracking after a set amount of time

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So how does the Halo Rise know when to star tracking? The core of the tracking revolves around a built-in radar sensor and on-chip signal processing. Once a user sits down in front of the Halo Rise for more than a 5-minute period, it begins the sleep tracking session. The device can also tell who the primary user is as long as each person sleeps on their respective sides.

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So for example, say you typically go to bed later than your partner. Even if they go to bed first, the Halo Rise won’t track their sleep. So long as they’re on the opposite side of the bed from where the device sits. This ensures the correct sleep stage data is being tracked. Which leads to insights the next day to help people reach the overall goal. Which is to improve sleep and wake up feeling more rested and alert.

Amazon will launch the Halo Rise for $139.99 with availability coming later this year.

Amazon Halo Rise