January 30, 2023

The Google Contacts application is getting a more user-defined Material You home screen widget. This new widget will make use of the Material You function native to Android 12 and Android 13 along with a larger interface. Previously, users only had the option to create 1×1 widgets (for the contact app), these widgets are just like regular app icons and not interactive.

But, with this new update to the contact application, users will be able to use larger 3×2 widgets. This kind of widget is available on applications like Google Clock, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, and so much more. There are more interactive and display more information for the user.

Blending Material You with Google Contacts widgets

With Material You, users have more control over the looks of their entire device. Possible customizations range from how apps are displayed and matching their colors with the general device theme. Surprisingly, this level of customization is making its way to the contacts widgets on Android. A user will be able to define how the widget’s content will appear on the homepage, hence blending it to suit their taste.

For the widget itself, it will display specific contacts (that a user chooses), and their contact image. In addition, the widget will come with other shortcuts like the option to message or call the said contact directly from the homepage. Since the contact widget will be large (i.e 3×2), using it will not feel cramped.

With this level of customization, the Android ecosystem will feel a bit more unified. Already, the Google Contacts application has got a total icon redesign, along with the messages and phone applications. This feature is available to users across the globe via an application update on the Google Play Store.

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Once the application is updated, users can create a 3×2 widget of any contact of their choice. The widget will be displayed on the user’s home screen for easy access. Possibly, future updates will bring this feature to other Google applications like Messages and Phone.