January 31, 2023

Android phones are getting better every year. With every new version of Android, the developers understand the role of Android in the gaming industry, and they enhance its features. The games you can find in the play store are reaching new heights. Many Android games have shown promise. These games compete with PC games or are versions you can install on your phone for equal fun and pleasure.

You can explore thousands of games on your Android for pleasure, but here are a few games that you may find pleasing amid their successful reviews.

Among Us

This game has a way of making people return to play. People can connect to other people, join rooms, and complete missions to have fun. You do not need any subscriptions or email addresses to play the game. It is a simple game with discrete graphics. The advantage of having minimalistic graphics is that the players do not get distracted.

The players can also create their avatars in the game. You can change minute changes in your avatar to make it stand out. Many accessories in the game are free for the players to use. The premise of the game is quite simple. And you can become a part of a large community without any experience. This game became a trend shortly after its release. Millions still play this game, and you can join them.

Call of Duty

Call of duty is a series of virtual games. You can download multiple versions of this game. The setting of this game is World War 2. It is a first-person shooting game. If you are fond of arsenals, weapons, and guns, the call of duty is a suitable game for you.

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Its mobile version is compatible with all Android phones. You can communicate with other players through the microphone. Play a hundred-player survival game or play team-based combat in the mobile version of Call of Duty.

Candy Crush

Many gamers do not enjoy competing with others. If you are not a competitive player but want to challenge yourself, you should download Candy Crush. Candy Crush is a game with multiple levels where you must match similar charms to earn points.

Every level has new challenges and difficulties that the player needs to clear. You may get boosters and special offers while playing. If you play constantly, you may get daily bonuses. This game is best for relieving your daily stress.

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG is a popular survival game. It is available in both PC and mobile formats. Several players land in the same settings, and whoever survives, in the end, is the winner. You have to defeat a hundred players in the game to win.

The players find new weapons on the field and collect survival aid to stay alive. The player’s area gets shorter and shorter with time, and players have to confront each other. You can communicate with other players and make alliances to play with strategy.


Playamo is an online casino game. You can play all the casino games with real money from your Android phone. You can play No deposit bonus codes if you wish to play without money. You can play all the games that you play in an offline casino online.

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You can play Blackjack online Australia, Bingo, Slots, or Poker. You can play with cryptocurrency or with bank credit. You can register in the app without any complicated steps. Provide your contact information, email address, and name to create an account for getting started on online casino games.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game that judges the involuntary reflexes of its players. The avatar runs for life and gathers coins and points while running through a train station. The police officer follows the avatar until it bumps into something.

You can change the avatar to a girl or a boy, whichever you prefer. This game is available on all types of devices. It does not require much space, and the clean cartoonish graphics are aesthetically pleasing for all ages. It is an all-time favorite game. And you can play it with or without the internet.

Just Jigsaws

If you are someone who likes to play games without any stress, you can start playing games that are solely for the peace of your mind. The Just Jigsaws application helps you create jigsaw puzzles of your pictures. You can solve the puzzles that come with the game, or you can install an image in the game to create a custom puzzle.

A gradual and soothing game of jigsaw can help you focus. You can increase your attention span with this game. The Just Jigsaws Android application is free of any charge. You can download it from the play store on your mobile.